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  • SEHO Auto Loading CNC LATHE
    SEHO Auto Loading CNC LATHE

    A-6+ is the modern machine which is designed and manufactured by SEHO. This AUTO LOADING CNC LATHE equipped with twin spindle and single turret. Twin spindle separate processing two sides in the same machine, like two machines efficiency. The spindle of this machine can also be equipped with power turrent and C axis to satisfy customers in their milling requirement. Besides, A-6+ also equipped with automatic loading system. The clamping size in the movement of robot arm can be modified according to various workpiece to make the machining process more smoothly. Replace loading unloading by manpower. A-6+ collocated with FANUC controller, and human-machine interface. This is easy to be used by conversational interface.


    Compare A-6+ with CNC lathe - bar capacity over 42mm with bar feeder: 1. Space Saving: The machine body combines with loading unloading system, comparing other general CNC lathe with bar feeder, our A-6+ only occupies half space. 2. Labor Saving: Loading unloading system can replace the human to load the materials and unload the finished workpieces. It helps to save the labor costs. 3. Material Saving: For bar material, the ends of bar will be wasted when processing. This machine processes piece by piece, so all the pieces can be fully used. 4. Tool Saving: Our materials are blocks, they don't need cutting inserts to cut the materials. 5. High Productivity: The feed rate for bar feeder is approx. 80%, but material for A-6+ is block, the feed rate could be 100%, it's why we get more 20% efficiency.


    This OKUMA LB300MY is really different from others’ design. Most of CNC lathe machines are just designed by X and Z axis. This machine added on Y axis design, it increase working efficacy.

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