THREEWAY Milling Machine

We have stood at the market of selling used machines for more than 30 years. Besides used machines, we also still offer different kinds of Bridge Mills and various kinds of Angular Milling Head to satisfy with diversity solutions for all customers.



Every water tank has mix appearance of the fluid and lubricating oil, in order to let the machine stay at most efficacy condition, as well as to increase effectiveness of the fluid and the quality of work pieces, the most common way is to separate the fluid and lubricating oil. To reach cooling effect while operating and avoid the fluid become deteriorate and odor.

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

Hydraulic Auto Milling Head


Over 33 Years of THREEWAY Milling Machine, New and Used Supply - SEHO

SEHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1995, is a supplier of THREEWAY Milling Machine, new and used CNC machines, milling machines and milling heads, and machine accessories based in Taiwan.

For your production line solutions, SEHO delivers auto loading CNC Lathe with twin B axis, 90 degree angular milling heads, bridge mills, traditional and NC plano miller, in order to satisfy with diverse solutions for all customers. Providing high-quality used/new machines and accessories (incl. angular milling heads, turcite and key pads) with the fairest prices to worldwide customers.

SEHO has been offering customers guaranteed precision new/used machine tools and CNC machines, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, SEHO ensures each customer's demands are met.

THREEWAY Milling Machine


THREEWAY EZ-168A Milling Machine

EZ-168A THREEWAY Milling Machine
EZ-168A THREEWAY Milling Machine

This THREEWAY EZ-168A Turret Milling Machine is another kind of vertical milling machine. The differences between Turret Milling Machine and standard vertical milling machine are spindle head, power transmission and variable speed structure. The spindle head could turn in different angle, e.g. left and right, front and rear. Comparing to the standard vertical milling machine, the turret milling machine is more flexible in operating; also it is suitable to produce mold and light cutting to make the machining become smoother. Furthermore, they are two types of spindle speed: variable steps type and step less type.
When the spindle motor stops the spindle speed cannot change on the step less type milling machine.


  • YOM: 2013
  • Model: EZ-168A
  • X/Y/Z axes travel: 660/300/350mm
  • Spindle nose to table surface: 410mm
  • Spindle Quill Travel: 120mm
  • Spindle Taper: NT30
  • Spindle Power: 3HP
  • Spindle turning angle: ±90˚ (left-right)
  • Spindle swiveling angle: ±90˚
  • Spindle elevating angle: ±40˚ (up-down)
  • Table Size: 230*1065mm
  • Table Thickness: 85mm
  • 8 steps speed
  • Z axis with lifting motor
  • X/Y axes linear scales

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