RONG-FU Mini Radio Drill

AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis CNC Machining Centers

AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis CNC Machining Centers

This AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis Machining Center with the high quality extension splash door design makes loading and unloading of the workpiece very convenient for operators, and with built-in 20,000rpm spindle to reduce the vibration when machining and ensure the high precision machining. Equipped with X / Y / Z / A / C axes linear scales ensure the accurancy of machining. A axis swiveling range -120° ~ +30° and C axis rotary range 360° to satisfy the complex machining tasks.

90 Degree Universal  Milling Head

90 Degree Universal Milling Head

ST150-3 90 Degree Universal Milling Head with high quality ground spiral bevel gear to maximum the performance and reduce the vibration.


Over 33 Years of RONG-FU Mini Radio Drill, New and Used Supply - SEHO

SEHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1995, is a supplier of RONG-FU Mini Radio Drill, new and used CNC machines, milling machines and milling heads, and machine accessories based in Taiwan.

For your production line solutions, SEHO delivers auto loading CNC Lathe with twin B axis, 90 degree angular milling heads, bridge mills, traditional and NC plano miller, in order to satisfy with diverse solutions for all customers. Providing high-quality used/new machines and accessories (incl. angular milling heads, turcite and key pads) with the fairest prices to worldwide customers.

SEHO has been offering customers guaranteed precision new/used machine tools and CNC machines, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, SEHO ensures each customer's demands are met.

RONG-FU Mini Radio Drill


RONG-FU RF-35 Mini Radio Drill

RONG FU RF-35 Mini Radio Drilling Machine
RONG FU RF-35 Mini Radio Drilling Machine

There is dedicated tripod can adopt with this RONG-FU RF-35 mini radio drill. And the user can use this drilling machine to do the simple milling works.


  • YOM: 2018
  • Model: RF-35
  • Spindle speed: 340-3,000rpm (60HZ)
  • Dist. from Spindle Nose to Table: 600mm
  • Spindle Taper: MT3mm
  • Spindle Stroke: 130mm
  • Travel of Spindle Head: 380mm
  • Table size: 550x500mm
  • Column Diameter: Ø115mm
  • T-slots Size: 16x26mm
  • Cross travel: 380mm
  • Drilling capacity: 32mm
  • Face mill capacity: 76mm
  • End mill capacity: 20mm
  • Tapping capacity: 16mm
  • Motor: 1.5HP
  • VOLTAGE: 400V
  • Machine Dim.: 584x864x1143mm
  • Stand Dim: 813x559x610mm
  • Machine Weight: 290kgs

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