Metal Cleaner



There are a lot of advantages of A-6+ CNC Auto Loading CNC Lathe for you to keep it, such as, space, labor, material, tool saving, and high productivity.

OKAMOTO Auto Slicing Machine

OKAMOTO Auto Slicing Machine

OKAMOTO ASM-420M Auto Slicing Machine High have the accuracy and high reliability automatic slicing machine, equipped with high power spindle motor (5.5Kw/7 HP), powerful and stable enough for multi-gang for hard material's slicing, and it's with use friendly operate controller.


Over 33 Years of Metal Cleaner, New and Used Supply - SEHO

SEHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1995, is a supplier of Metal Cleaner, new and used CNC machines, milling machines and milling heads, and machine accessories based in Taiwan.

For your production line solutions, SEHO delivers auto loading CNC Lathe with twin B axis, 90 degree angular milling heads, bridge mills, traditional and NC plano miller, in order to satisfy with diverse solutions for all customers. Providing high-quality used/new machines and accessories (incl. angular milling heads, turcite and key pads) with the fairest prices to worldwide customers.

SEHO has been offering customers guaranteed precision new/used machine tools and CNC machines, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, SEHO ensures each customer's demands are met.

Metal Cleaner

Surface Cleaner

Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, Metal Cleaner
Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, Metal Cleaner

SEHO has plenty of experience in buying and selling the used machine tools. It was very troublesome when we face the tough dirt on the machine tools, we have tried countless brands of metal cleaners, but they could not totally clean the dirt.

So we decided to modulate the best metal cleaner for machine tools (metal surfaces). SEHO's metal cleaner can cut the all type of dirt on metal surface, and it will not cause fade. Also it is usage saving, a little to clean the tough dirt. It is your best assistant for cleaning!


1. Suitable for all kinds of machine tools, the floor tile and kitchen cleaning. (It should not be used on mirror finishes or the cookware)
2. Cuts through all types of dirt on the metal surface, soil build-up and grime and doesn’t leave harsh residues.
3. East to use, fast to remove the dirt, time saving!
4. A little goes a very long way, usage saving!


  • Ingredients: Water, SODiUM.TRiPOLY.PHOSP.HATE, ED.TA, OCiyiPHeNOL POLYEiHyiene gLycoi eTHer, ALCOBOL
  • Usage: Clean the Metal Surfaces
  • Net Weight: 3500ML
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Validity: 3 Years
  • Storage: Keep it in cool and dry place


1. Suggested max. dilution rate is 1:10 (metal cleaner : water).
2. For extra tough dirt, use the solution 1:1.


1. Wearing gloves when using the metal cleaner.
2. Don't spray on the mouth or eye, if it happened unfortunately, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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