Image Processing Measuring Instrument

AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis CNC Machining Centers

AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis CNC Machining Centers

This AWEA VP-1612-MEGA5 5axis Machining Center with the high quality extension splash door design makes loading and unloading of the workpiece very convenient for operators, and with built-in 20,000rpm spindle to reduce the vibration when machining and ensure the high precision machining. Equipped with X / Y / Z / A / C axes linear scales ensure the accurancy of machining. A axis swiveling range -120° ~ +30° and C axis rotary range 360° to satisfy the complex machining tasks.

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

Hydraulic Auto Milling Head


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Image Processing Measuring Instrument


Manual Type Image Processing Measuring Instrument

Manual Type Image Processing Measuring Instrument
Manual Type Image Processing Measuring Instrument

The manual type image processing measuring instrument is mainly based on two-dimensional measuring; it includes geometric elements such as points, lines, arcs and rectangles, as well as the length, angle and contour of the part. The outfit shape and surface shape… etc., the non-contact measurement can avoid tolerance caused by human factors. At the same time it could also measurement the 2.5-dimensional, for example the high of the stage, the depth of the holes or trough, this equipment has been extensively used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastic, PCB boards, silicon machining, irregular work piece and other measurements.


1. Adopt high-precision granite working table and column, it shows perfect accuracy, preservative, high strength, none deformation, ensure good stability of the equipment.
2. Assume high-precision linear and bearings which made in Germany, fast movable locking device, with special design which can move easily and smooth, no gap, jumping and rebound error.
3. Image measurement systems which adopt high resolution optical components, through multi-layer optical coating, slight optical damping, ensure clear and distortion-free image quality.
4. Surface light adopts laser indicator. Laser indicator could instruct the measuring position; it makes measurement more quick, easy, and convenient.
5. The measuring software has automatic edge finder and powerful calculation function, different kinds of output report to satisfy customer various needs.


  • X/Y/Z SIZE(mm): 750×520×980
  • X/Y/Z measuring travel(mm): 300×200×200
  • Tolerance (um): E1(x/y)=(2.5+L/100)
  • Max. table loading capacity(kg): 25kg
  • Instrument weight (kg): 150kg
  • Camera: 1/3” color CCD industrial grade camera
  • Camera lens: Manual positioning changing lens
  • Magnification: Optical magnification : 0.7–4.5x ; vision magnification : 20–140x
  • Available working distance (standard): 92mm
  • Visual distance (standard): 8.1 ~1.3mm
  • Light curtain (sensor) resolution: 0.001mm
  • Transmission system: X.Y axes linear transmission , Z axis T slot ball screw transmission
  • Data processor: RS-100
  • Light source: Surface light adopts LED circular cold light source, contour light is LED transmission parallel light source, and brightness can be adjusted manually.
  • Measuring software: INSPECT3D
  • Power supply: AC 100~220V 50/60HZ 10A


  • Working environment: Temperature 20℃ ± 2℃, temperature change <2℃/hr, humidity 30~80
  • Vibration <0.002g, lower than 15Hz
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