BAO-I Measuring Microscope Machine



There are a lot of advantages of A-6+ CNC Auto Loading CNC Lathe for you to keep it, such as, space, labor, material, tool saving, and high productivity.

Universal Milling Head

Universal Milling Head

The universal milling head can be adjusted from 0 to ± 90 degrees to satisfy your angle machining requirements.


Over 33 Years of BAO-I Measuring Microscope Machine, New and Used Supply - SEHO

SEHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1995, is a supplier of BAO-I Measuring Microscope Machine, new and used CNC machines, milling machines and milling heads, and machine accessories based in Taiwan.

For your production line solutions, SEHO delivers auto loading CNC Lathe with twin B axis, 90 degree angular milling heads, bridge mills, traditional and NC plano miller, in order to satisfy with diverse solutions for all customers. Providing high-quality used/new machines and accessories (incl. angular milling heads, turcite and key pads) with the fairest prices to worldwide customers.

SEHO has been offering customers guaranteed precision new/used machine tools and CNC machines, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, SEHO ensures each customer's demands are met.

BAO-I Measuring Microscope Machine


BAO-I ZS-4030-MI Vision Precision Tools And Measuring Microscope Machines

ZS-4030-MI BAO-I Vision Precision Tools And Measuring Microscope Machines
ZS-4030-MI BAO-I Vision Precision Tools And Measuring Microscope Machines

The hardware equipment design of this measuring machine is really completely. And the software of this machine is easy to understand, and it’s convenient for user to operate it.

This machine offers high precise measuring result, and it can be done slight measurement. This can enhance the accurate judgment of QC works. For instance, some problems are invisible to find out by eyes watching.

The scope of X and Y axis can be adjusted according to the size of the spare parts in manual way.

The body of this machine is made of granite, and the design of the spindle will not be forward leaning. This can ensure vertically of the machine.


  • YOM: 2015
  • Model: ZS-4030-MI
  • X/Y/Z axis range: 400x300x130mm
  • Resolution: Renishaw 0.4um linear scale
  • Acuracy: U1=3+(6L/1000)um U2=4+(6L/1000)um
  • CCD camera: Japanese SENTECH (410,000 Pixel)
  • Lens Magnification: 0.7-4.5X (20-150X)
  • Surface illumination: Circular LED light(capable of 16 division)
  • Contour illumination: LED
  • Controlling method: MI2.5D/3D manual
  • Manual driver
  • X/Y axis quick release control
  • Z axis manual control
  • Machine base (Y axis)/Main shaft/Z axis: Granite
  • Power supply: 110-220V
  • Machine weight: 250kgs
  • Machine dim.: 670x600x1500mm

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