Milling Machine

Milling Machine

The following products are Milling Machines, which SEHO have been sold during past few years. We are really proud of our abundant experiences in selling Milling Machines around the world.During SEHO have run business in many years, there are several kinds of Milling Machines which include:tapping center,5 face double column machining center,gantry type 5-axes machining center, double column machining center and vertical machining center...etc., below are sales records of the milling machines we have sold.

Tapping Center

Expanding the spindle rotation of a single-axis machine into multiple axes is a gearbox drive mechanism that not only increases production efficiency, but also controls the accuracy of the hole and the position of the hole, optimizes the yield, and reduces the displacement of the work piece error.

5Face Double Column Machining Center

The five-sided processing machine has an automatic head changer and a vertical-horizontal tool change system. The five-sided processing task can be completed efficiently by setting the work piece once. Use the rotary table or tool head to position at a specific angle before proceeding with 2-axis or 3-axis machining sequence.

Gantry Type 5-Axes Machining Center

5 axes machining center is a machine with 5 axis includes X,Y,Z linear axis and 2 rotary axes either A or B or C. The linear axis determines the position of the tool, the 2 rotary axes determine the direction of the tool. 5 axes reach the specified position and direction at the same time, which improves the processing efficiency.

Double Column Machining Center

Double column Machining Center (DMC) is the milling machine with a portal frame and horizontal long bad. It can used multiple milling cutter to machining the work piece surface at the same time on the double column machining center, processing accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high; it is suitable for processing the plane and inclined surface of large work pieces in batch and mass production.The CNC DMC can also process space surface and some special parts. The double column machining center reciprocating movement of working table is not the main movement but is feed motion, the rotary motion of the milling cutter is the main movement.

Vertical Machining Center

CNC vertical machining center have the capabilities of milling, drilling, tapping and threading. It is a multifunctional and practical machine. Vertical machining center is one of the most commonly used machine in the manufacturing industry. It could said that the VMC is indispensable when the processing metal parts.

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