Grinding Machine

We have stood at the market of selling used machines for more than 30 years. Besides used machines, we also still offer different kinds of Bridge Mills and various kinds of Angular Milling Head to satisfy with diversity solutions for all customers.

Grinding Machine

During SEHO have run business in these many years, there are several kinds of grinding machine which include: Surface grinder, cylindrical grinder, centerless grinder, and tool and cutter grinder...etc., below are sales records of the grinder machines we have sold.

Surface Grinder

The appearance of the surface grinder is represented by the horizontal worktable, which can be used for reciprocating movement. The surface of the work piece is mainly ground by the outer circumference of the grinding wheel. There are also vertical grinder that use the end face of the grinding wheel for front grinding, suitable for heavy grinding. It is also used for forming grooves of complex shapes with a large amount of cutting, and can be used for creep feed grinding at very low speed feed.

Cylindrical Grinder

Cylindrical grinder are able to machining many different kind of shapes, but the object must have a central axis of rotation. This includes but is not limited to shapes such as cylinders, ellipses, cams or crankshafts. There are 5 different types of cylindrical grinder machines: outer diameter grinding, inner diameter grinding, plunge grinding, creep feed grinding and centerless grinding.

Centerless Grinder

The grinding method of the centerless grinding is a grinding method in which the cutter is used to support the work piece without supporting the center hole. It is composed of three main parts: grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and supporting cutter.

Tool and Cutter Grinder

The main purpose of the grinder machine is surface grinding, which used abrasive tools to grind the work piece to obtain the desired shape, size and processing surface. Grinding machines are usually used when the size of the work piece to be processed is small, and the surface accuracy and flatness requirements are high, and the grinder is not suitable for high complexity processing.

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