Electrical Discharge Machine_E.D.M

Electrical Discharge Machine_E.D.M

The following products are Electrical Discharge Machines, which SEHO have been sold during past few years. We are really proud of our abundant experiences in selling Electrical Discharge Machines around the world.

Wirecut E.D.M

It belongs to the category of special processing technology and is a machine tool for electrical discharge machining. It is widely used in the processing of superhard materials, difficult-to-process materials and thin-walled parts.

Electrical Discharge Machine

Electrical Discharge Machine is a kind of sparks generated by electric discharge, make the work piece turn in to the shape as needed. It is wide used in mold manufacturing, precision parts processing. Ultra-hard materials and complex-shaped molds and parts that are difficult to process by traditional cutting methods can be processed by an Electrical Discharge Machine. For example, processing deep and thin holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, narrow slits, threaded holes and other molds.

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