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24Jun 2020
Dragon Boat Holiday

Our office will be close from 25th of Jun. to 28th of Jun. due to Dragon Boat Day. We will be back on Monday 29th of Jun.

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30Apr 2020
New product---Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

Hey there! SEHO new offer: Hydraulic auto milling head-S87GW, this angle head can improve the machining efficiency of double column, reduce the time of changing the head, and increase the convenience of the operation process! Need more information? Please contact our email: , there will be someone to provide more information.

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01Apr 2020
Tomb Sweeping Day

Our office will be close from 2nd of Apr. to 5th of Apr. due to Tomb Sweeping Day. We will be back on Monday 6th of Apr.

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24Feb 2020
National holiday

Our office will be close from 28th of Feb. to 1st of Mar. due to National hoilday. we will be back on Monday 2nd of Mar.

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22Jan 2020
Happy Chinese New Year

Our Chinese New Year Holiday will start form 23th of Jan. and we will back to work on 30th of Jan. If there is any urgent event,please call your contact sales.Thank you!

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09Jan 2020
Good news in beginning of year 2020, SEHO offers new machine - Manual type image processing measuring instrument is on sale!

In high end technology industries, like mold & die, injection, mobile phone, stamping, computer peripherals or semiconductor industry, after their work piece has been finished by the metal machining machine, the most important thing is to make use whether work piece is consistent with accuracy tolerance, in order to ensure the overall dimension match requirement, . SEHO provide the image processing measuring instrument with 2.5D measuring function, it can confirm the work piece in machining accuracy, to increase overall operation efficiency.

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25Dec 2019
Have a look at our new business machine accessories!

Double column machine is one main type of SEHO's product, in order to satisfy customer extra needs of the double column machining, we provide Sub-working table; also for those who need side or angle machining, we offer angle milling head, roller CAM rotary table to make your working process more easy and convenient.Our goal to offer these machine accessories is to help customer to improve the efficiency of machine and working environment. Furthermore, during rebuilding the used machine, our engineer found out that the LED working light, MPG, Oil skimmer, coolant through spindle …etc., these parts will be damage or breakdown by time pass. Therefore SEHO provide perfection service process, all the machine accessories which have been mentioned you could purchase from us. To gain the goal of make better working environment and efficiency of machine operating process.

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24Dec 2019
Merry Christmas&Happy New Year

Say HO! HO! HO! SEHO wish you Merry X'mas and Happy new year!!

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09Oct 2019
Double Tenth Day Vacation

Our Double Tenth Day vacation will start on Oct. 10th, and we will back to work on Oct. 14th. If there is any urgent event, please call your contact sales. Thank you!

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12Sep 2019
Moon Festival Vacation

Our Moon Festival Vacation will start on Sep.13th,and we will back to work on Sep.16th .If there is any urgent event,please call your contact sales.Thank you!

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01Apr 2019
Welcome to SEHO Official Website

SEHO trades the machinery to all over the world, in order to provide the best service to our customers, SEHO's new official website will apply multiple languages for you to choose, including Traditional Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, English, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Burmese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Arabic.SEHO's new official website will be launched in April 2019 to enhance our services.Welcome to contact us for any machine tools and accessories inquiries.

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04Mar 2019
Visit SEHO at TIMTOS 2019

SEHO has been devoted to trading used machinery from 1995. We provide the best solutions to our customers with the plenty experiences in the variety of used machinery. At TIMTOS 2019, you will see our economical series of OEM products- NC plano miller and angular milling heads.Welcome to visit us at TIMTOS 2019.

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