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Frequently asked questions

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We don't provide warranty for used machines. After the machine has been delivered to our warehouse, we clean it up and check the machine condition, we will make sure the machine condition is good before we sell it, also we welcome our customers to inspect the machines.SEHO is a stable and reliable company, and has been selling and buying the used machines for over 30years, so there is no worry for the after sell service. Read More
There is no region limitation for selling the used machines. Read More
It depends on our discussion for the trade term. Normally, the prices we offered for used machines are based on FOB term, you can arrange the shipment by yourself. Read More
The packaging method is depend on your requirement or the shipping company's request. Read More
We don't provide the real cutting test for used machine, because we don't have the cutting fluid, tools and material. We can provide you the cutting video (took at previous owner's factory) or the running videos (took at our warehouse) for your reference. Read More
Yes, we sell and buy the used machines. Welcome to let us know your sell and buy requirements of equipment's. Contact email: Read More
If the original manual is incomplete, we will purchase the manual from the original manufacturer. But if the original manufacturer is not able to provide the manual, then the manual will be not available. Read More
For used machines, we cannot hold it for anyone without any guarantee payment. Read More
Yes, we can send you the invitation letter for helping you to come to Taiwan inspect the machine. Read More
It requires a flange to connect the angular milling head and machine spindle. Please provide us the detailed spindle dimensions, we will suggest the connection flange dimension to you. Read More
Yes, the angular milling heads can adapt to conventional , NC, CNC machines, please confirm the type of spindle taper first. Read More
The gear ratio of our angular milling heads are 1:1, so the input and output speed are the same. Please note that the input speed should not exceed the max. speed of the angular milling head. Read More
This is an option function, this function is only applied for the machines which also comes with hydraulic tool clamping system. Read More
The spindle motor (H.P.) does not influence the usage of angular milling heads. Read More
The S200 series are oil filled and the others are greased. Read More
The SL, SM, SER series will be packaged by carton, and the other angular milling heads will be packaged by iron case individually. Read More
We provide one-year warranty for our angular milling heads under normal usage and proper care. The period of warranty started when the angular head has been delivered to the user. During the warranty, if there is any component need to be replaced, we will send the new component to you against the sent back broken/malfunction. Moreover, if the angular head is not able to be repaired by replacing component, then please send it to us (freight paid at your side), after repairing, we will send it back to you (freight paid by SEHO). Read More
The prices are based on Ex Factory term, not include the freight cost, customs procedures and subsequent taxes. Read More
Yes, we can customize the spindle, please provide the drawing. Read More
All of our angular milling head is manual indexing ways. Read More
Yes, it is. It would be hydraulic unclamping angular head→ manual rotate angle→ hydraulic clamping angular head, but you still have to change tool manually. Read More
The lead time of the angular head depends on which items you need. Because of the size difference. Read More
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