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Every water tank has mix appearance of the fluid and lubricating oil, in order to let the machine stay at most efficacy condition, as well as to increase effectiveness of the fluid and the quality of work pieces, the most common way is to separate the fluid and lubricating oil. To reach cooling effect while operating and avoid the fluid become deteriorate and odor.

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

S87GW Hydraulic Auto Milling Head

Hydraulic Auto Milling Head


Over 33 Years of Angular Milling Head, New and Used Supply - SEHO

SEHO INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1995, is a supplier of Angular Milling Head, new and used CNC machines, milling machines and milling heads, and machine accessories based in Taiwan.

For your production line solutions, SEHO delivers auto loading CNC Lathe with twin B axis, 90 degree angular milling heads, bridge mills, traditional and NC plano miller, in order to satisfy with diverse solutions for all customers. Providing high-quality used/new machines and accessories (incl. angular milling heads, turcite and key pads) with the fairest prices to worldwide customers.

SEHO has been offering customers guaranteed precision new/used machine tools and CNC machines, both with advanced technology and 33 years of experience, SEHO ensures each customer's demands are met.

Angular Milling Head

Angle Head

Angular Milling Head
Angular Milling Head


Angular milling head is one of most common used accessories for milling machine, vertical/horizontal machining center, double column machine, plano miller, boring mill and vertical lathe. The main function for angular milling head is to change the machining directions and make the machining more diversification.

The machine tool industry is continuous improving, in order to simplify the machining procedure, the various angular milling heads come to the market, including the 90 degree milling head, universal milling head and extension milling head.

With the angular milling head, the machine can obtain one more machining direction, it can assist to finish the side-working jobs without turn over the workpiece, it can also help to finish other working procedures, like drilling, tapping, boring mill… The angular milling head surmounts the traditional machining methods and achieves the labor saving, time saving. Nowadays, the angular milling head is widely used in machining industry, like die & mold, aerospace, energy, automotive...

Angular milling head is the best assistant for machining. Without changing the machine structure, it can satisfy the vertical-horizontal, 5-face, deep groove and any angle machining.

SEHO angular milling heads including 90 degree head, universal head, extension head and hydraulic angular head, the various angular milling heads can satisfy your every machining requirement, no matter for the brand new or used machine tools. If you have no idea to choose the proper angular milling head, please just let us know your machining requirement and machine details, we will give you the best suggestions.

How to Choose the Angular Milling Head:
1. Confirm the machine basic information, including the machine type, spindle taper, spindle speed, max. tool weight / length / diameter, type of tool magazine, automatic tool change and workpiece dimension.
2. Confirm the angular milling head's specifications, including the max. speed, input and output tapers and the dimensions of angular milling head.
3. If you have no idea to choose the proper angular milling head, please just let us know your machining requirement and machine details, we will give you the best suggestions.

1. If angular head un-use over 3 months please follow the procedure to Lub. gear and bearing again as below: ① Rotate spindle over 5 times manually for re-lub. Spindle bearing. ② Check oil level before using.
2. Keep angular head vertical stand if it's a vertical head when in stockpile.
3. Cleaning the surface of flange and connecting side of angular milling head before assemble to the machine spindle.
4. Read the operation manual before use.


1. The lightweight angular milling heads (SM, SL, SER series) can be placed in the tool magazine and automatic clamped by machine spindle, just like tool change, very convenience to use.
2. The medium and big size angular milling heads content better rigidity and strong body structure, they are suitable for medium and heavy duty cuttings.
3. 90 degree heads can assist to finish the side-working jobs without turn over the workpiece, they help to achieve the labor saving, time saving.
4. The cutting angle for universal head is 0 to ± 90° adjustable. With the universal head, it can help to finish the machining tasks at compound angles.
5. Extension head can extend the length of spindle, narrow the OD diameter of spindle, reduce the interference between the spindle and workpiece, suitable for deep groove machining.
6. SEHO angular milling heads are oil and dust proof, come with high rigidity and long service life.


  • Vertical / Horizontal Machining Center / Milling Machine
  • Double Column Machining Center / Plano Miller
  • Boring Mill Machine
  • Vertical Lathe

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